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Satago is a champion of small businesses and those that serve them. We want to make sure that viable businesses do not go under due to poor cashflow management.

Over 50,000 businesses close each year due to the impact of late payments on their cashflow. Satago allows you to gain better insights on who you are working with, automate debtor management and gain access to flexible finance to help you manage your cashflow more efficiently.



Satago is an easy to use platform providing one-click integration with all major accounting platforms. It offers software and services in three areas:


Risk Insight

Risk assessment capabilities that; provide intelligence on a client’s credit history; monitor outstanding balances against credit limits; and provide alerts if their status changes.

Credit Control

Credit control tools that automate payment reminder emails and help you to easily manage unpaid invoices.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance that advances up to 85% of an invoice’s value for a single low-cost fee with no guarantees or hidden costs.


Using Satago to manage your cashflow means that:


You save on average three days per month chasing money owed.


Track all credit control activities in one centralised location.


Better credit insight on potential customers helps empower your trading decisions and minimise bad debt exposure.

Live Analysis

Ongoing live analysis of your debtor book and aged debtor reports so you can see who your oldest and largest debtor is at a glance.


Flexible invoice finance allows you to release working capital for one transparent fixed cost as and when you need it.


Automated your cashflow management process so you can focus on sustainably growing your business.


Integrates with Xero

Satago Xero

Satago integrates directly with Xero to automate invoice upload and reduce the time it takes to manage your debtor book. Once you have connected to your Xero account you have unlimited access to the free tools with no obligation to finance your invoices.


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