About Woods Squared

Woods Squared was launched in January 2007 by Alan Woods. My goal was to work closely with entrepreneurial business owners and to provide them with a more proactive service. After more than a decade, I still love to help our clients grow their business and reach their business and personal goals.

What makes us different?

At Woods Squared, our approach is simple. We’re here to help you, not confuse you. We’re a down-to-earth, fun loving bunch with a passion for helping growing businesses succeed. We know many people find accounting and tax to be quite stressful, so we’re not here to complicate it further. Instead, we take the time to explain what reports mean and how your business is going in plain and simple English.

We’re on your side

We absolutely love to help people grow their business and watch them kick their goals. The advisors at Woods Squared are right by your side every step of the way, no matter the mountain or valley your business is going through. We’ll help paint the picture behind the numbers and set you on the right track for business success.

Our Essence

Empower businesses to grow and have a positive impact on the community

Our Vision

We picture a world where businesses have key data at their fingertips

Core Values

Achievement, Fun, Passion, Make a Difference, Trust, Innovation

Awards and Accreditatons

Baa 2019 Shortlist Badge Firm Scotland Ni North England

                                              Employer Of The Year

Ljmu Awards

2020 Winner Logo 2017

Kalixa Spirit Of Small Business Awards 2014, Presented By Michelle Mone

2020 2017 Award Picture

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