Panalitix Best in Product and Service Offering

There are many highlights that we can take from 2018 but this will certainly be one of best ones. We were awarded the Panalitix Best Product and Service Offering award which recognised the work and effort we have put in to make our services the best possible for clients.

The Panalitix Awards are a large scale event that accountants from around the globe enter and the Australian competition is always very strong as it is said that Australian accountancy is 2 years ahead of the UK. Being involved with Panalitix has helped us keep up with Australian accountancy as proven with the award.

We have provided a high-quality service which has been recognised through many awards through the years and the addition of our Research and Development Tax Credit service has been one of our most successful, and you don’t even have to be a client for us to take care of R&D tax credits for you.

Award Winning Accountants Wirral

Panalitix host the Annual Conference each year, it is normally hosted in Australia but this year they moved it to San Diego which means we have now won an award in 3 continents!

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