Here at Woods Squared we believe that every business has the power to change lives.

To make life better for our customers, teams and their families by the work we do, and how we do it (the rest of our website explains how we do that).

And also to make life better for people we may never meet, and in places we may never travel to.


We’ve even produced a book to make doing these things even easier for you.


You can grab a copy as a gift below.


Making life better locally

On your behalf, we’ve supported the wonderful work done locally by Claire House Children’s Hospice, Stick ‘n’ Step, the RNIB, the Whitechapel Centre, Neo Community and Make it Happen.

And thanks to our friends, customers, team and families, we’ve done that through a mix of sponsorship, pro bono work and fundraising.

You will need to adapt the wording here to reflect what you do locally – since this is simply an example of what another B1G1 member does and says. If you don’t do anything locally, you can simply delete this section.


Making life better globally

But we don’t want to stop there.

We want to incorporate even greater purpose and meaning into what we do together. And we want to play our part in helping to make the world a better place for us all by achieving the UN Global Goals for humanity.

So that, together, we can end global poverty.

And that’s why we’ve partnered with the B1G1 Global Giving Movement to make you a big promise…


The Global Goals


Our big promise to you and to the world

Just by doing what we normally do together, your business and ours, you’ll also automatically be helping others in wonderful ways.

For example:

  • When we gain a new business client, we give 1 goat to a rural family to have a sustainable income for a year
  • When we help a business move to cloud software, we provide 7 days of education support to disadvantaged children
  • And, when we send out our monthly newsletter, we give 1 day of access to e-learning to a child in India

We’ll be giving on your behalf in many other ways too.

And all with a target of creating 100,000 impacts – which we like to think of as 100,000 smiles.


Our Impact Scorecard

And to prove these aren’t empty promises, we’ve also partnered with B1G1 to go public with this independently verified real-time Impact Scorecard measuring our positive impact on the world.

With the data analysed by project. By location. And by UN Global Goal.

Impact by UN Global Goal






















How do you think it feels?

Before we started doing all of this we felt a little sad. A little guilty. And a little powerless.

But now we feel empowered. Positive. Engaged. Purposeful. Happy. Hopeful. Excited. And joyful.

Very joyful.

There is still much more to be done, of course. But we are on our way to creating a better world.

Playing our part.


Want to join us in making things better?

To help, we’ve teamed up with Steve Pipe (who you met in the video above) to produce a step-by-step guide for how you too can become a Business for Good.


The standard edition of the guide is available as a book on Amazon for $45. But you can grab our special edition for free as a gift here…


STOP PRESS – Zoom meeting to help get you started

We’ve also arranged a unique opportunity for you to meet former UK Entrepreneur of the Year Steve Pipe on Zoom, and pick his brains on how to become a Business for Good in a way that is also really good for your business.

And at no cost.

So email us at and we will arrange it for you.


Business For Good

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